About Us

This section should be called the about me section. I am a one woman show over here. So lets see how I can make this all about me... Well I remember I was graduating from kindergarten and they asked me "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I responded "A doctor!" in a small yet loud eager voice. I said it because that was basically the only profession I knew about besides a cop. I heard Doctors made more money than cops and that having money was a good thing. That's why I went with that answer. Plus I didn't know how to say seamstress.


Fast forward 5 years, at the age of 10 I was sitting in my community center in a row. They wanted to get to know the kids more so they went down the row asking us "what do you guys want to be when you grow up?" They pointed to each one of us and one by one we took turns telling them what we wanted to be. I said that I wanted to make my own clothes and sell them in my own store. They were impress because it was out of the ordinary. I believe the next month is when they got a sewing teacher there to teach us how to sew. We all was able to pick out or fabric and cut out our pattern. I made a skirt and matching handbag. I think I still have the skirt hiding in my closet somewhere.  


During that time my aunt from my father's side must have heard how much fun I was having sewing and making clothing that I can actually wear. Before she past she gave me her sewing machine. It never worked for me, but I still keep it on my sewing table. I love that sewing machine.


When I was 14 going on 15 my mother decided to get me a sewing machine. I remember being up until the next morning tearing up my hand-me-down shirts, skirts, dresses, and jeans. I made corsets and skirts out of t-shirts. Pocketbooks out of jeans and tube tops out of skirts. I felt like I can make anything. When holidays or birthdays came around, I used the money I got to go to my nearest save-a-thon. I remember going through the $1 section buying 2 yards of tulle and 4 yards of floral fabric and buttons and elastic and sewing needles and bobbins. I was a kid in a candy store. I mean it was a fabric candy store, but still. 


I also learned how to crochet in the 6th grade. I use to make small blankets for my dolls. My baby born doll had the best clothes and blankets any poor single 12 year old can buy. In high school they decided to create a crocheting class, I believe it was because one of the teachers seen me making a blanket in between drama rehearsal. You bet your butt I joined! Me and my friends had a blast! I remember this one boy joined and my teacher asked me to teach him how to hold the yarn and hook correctly.... He was left handed and his hands were bigger than his head, but we made it.


My mother decided to take me out of school when I was 17. I gotten into a mishap their (bullying is never ok!) A lot of kids didn't like me and I tried not to let it bother me... until it did. It was the best thing shes ever did for me, besides give birth to me. 


My aunt from my mothers side decided that I should go get my GED. I was 20 years old and I did it in 6 weeks. Thank you Addie! Follow her! @browngirlcomedy She makes me laugh and I know she will make you laugh too! 

I got my GED! What should I do with this, as my boyfriend would say "Good Enough Diploma" ? I know lets go to school for fashion design and business! I think that is where I messed up. I failed that. I got burnt out so fast. I was never good enough. I was good, but not enough. My professor made it clear that I would always be an average girl because "ugly fat people can't make it into the fashion business" Yea that is exactly what he said to me. I quit... Later gators!!! 


Let me open up my business! My best friend at the time actually came up with Courtnei's Closet. Too bad we are no longer friends.

I'm a grown adult now and dam!!!! Responsibilities? What? I have to pay rent... to my mother??? Bye bye shoes that I love so much...  What nope that money needs to go towards the cats food... Lol why would I get a dog? I aint got enough money for a dog... I got a dog... What? I need to move out? OMG WHY IS RENT SO NOT CHEAP IN NYC??? I got another dog... I got a little baby kitten, the kitten brought her mother to my house. How the heck can I maintain an apartment in NYC with a part-time job 5 animals and a business that never took off?


So now I am sitting here telling you guys about myself and hoping that you guys accept that I am a real person with a real dream that I will never give up on.


My hope is to encourage and inspire and to make sure you know that you are worth it. Just like I know I'm worth it. So go ahead, make a purchase, work it and post it and say you shopped in courtnei's closet.